Volume 1, Issue 1June 2023

Human Need for Artificial Intelligence in Energy Storage

Sepehr Sammak, Narges Sammak

Review of Architecture in the Baroque Period

Delaram Attarsaheli

Energy Efficiency Labeling Program for Buildings – A Review

Milad Rahmani

A Review on Controlling Bentonite-Based Drilling Mud Properties

Ahmed Alghareeb

Sustainable Architecture and Environment

Yasaman Ahmadi

Smart Material Systems and Adaptiveness for Beauty of Modern Architecture

Yeganeh Mohammadhosseini

Economic Analysis of CCHP-GSHP Hybrid System

Reza Alimohammadi, Alireza Saraei

Use of Solar Energy in the Automotive Industry

Sepehr Sammak

Solar Energy Engineering for a Sustainable Global Future

Malik Adnan Faisal  AL-Khafaji, Shafi Jumaah Saeed Al-Buaiji , Hussein Khaleel Rashid , Ali Haydar Ali Alali Alhassoon