International Journal of Architecture, Energy and Urbanism (IJAEU)

(ISSN 2981-0655)

Concessionaire: Dr. Alireza Saraei

Editor in Chief: Dr. Mina Jahanmardi

Managing Editor: Majid Khazali

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Volume 1, Issue 1, June 2023

Publisher: Global Publisher

Aims and Scope

International journal of Architecture, Energy and Urbanism (IJAEU) (ISSN 2981-0655) is an interdisciplinary scholarly publication of architecture, Energy, Urbanism, and built environment studies that published and archived by Global Publisher. The journal aims at establishing a bridge between theory and practice in the fields of architectural, Energy and design research, urban design, urban planning, urban development and built environment studies. It reports on the latest research findings innovative approaches for creating responsive environments. A broad outline of the journals scope includes; peer reviewed original research articles and case Study, in interdisciplinary information on the practice and status of research in architecture, Energy, urban planning, urban design, urban development, interior design, landscape architecture and built environment. 

IJAEU is concerned with the development and exploitation of both advanced traditional and new energy sources, systems, technologies and applications. Interdisciplinary subjects in the area of novel energy systems and applications are also encouraged. High-quality research papers are solicited in, but are not limited to, the following areas with innovative and novel contents:

  • Energy conversion, conservation and management
  • Energy storage
  • Energy systems
  • Carbon capturing and storage technologies
  • Clean coal technologies
  • Hybrid/combined/integrated energy systems for multi-generation
  • Hydrogen energy and fuel cells
  • Hydrogen production technologies
  • Micro- and nano-energy systems and technologies
  • Nuclear energy
  • Renewable energies (e.g. geothermal, solar, wind, hydro, tidal, wave, biomass)
  • Smart energy system

IJAEU publishes high-quality original papers, review articles and short communications in the area of novel energy systems and applications. It may also include letters to the editor, book reviews, an events calendar etc. Submitted manuscripts should report on original works in the area of novel energy systems and applications which may be expected to address current technical, technological, economic, environmental, performance, systems issues, sustainability problems and bring potential solutions through improvements in efficiency, cost effectiveness, use of resources and sustainability, as well as improved energy security and improvements to the environment.


Scientists, researchers, economists, energy planners, policy makers, technologists, and engineers who work and/or have interest in the area of novel energy systems and applications, in various disciplines ranging from mechanical to electrical engineering and from chemical to environmental engineering

Article Publication Fees

Open-access publishing proposes a relatively new model for scholarly journal publishing that provides worldwide, barrier-free access to the full text of all published articles. Open access allows all interested readers to view, download, print, and redistribute any article without a subscription, enabling far greater distribution of an author’s work than the traditional subscription-based publishing model.
Publishing in the IJAEU involves an article processing charge (APC), or publication fee & which is 200 USD.