Volume 2, Issue1, March 2023

MHD Natural Convection Flow of Hybrid Nano Fluid in a Square Cavity with a Corrugated Conducting Block

Jalil Jamali

Designing a Device for Physical Modeling of Sand Production

R. Shirinabadi, P. Moarefvaand

Implementation of Geothermal Cooling to Prevent CPVT Overheating When Used for Building Heating, Electrical Generation and Hot Water Supply

Mehrdad Khademy

Simulation and Thermodynamic Analysis of a Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP) System with Allam Power Cycle by
means of a Pure Carbon Capture Approach

Emad Dokhaee

The Impact of a CPVT Polygeneration System on a Home’s Energy Bill and Budget

Majid Khazali

A Modern Hydrothermal Synthesis Method of Dendritic Silver Sulfide Nanostructures by Applying Novel Initiating Reagents and Verification of their Behavior in Solar Cells

Kourosh Motevalli, Zahra yaghoubi

Modeling of Drone Structures Based on Composite Materials

Murthadha Kamil Abed Aljanabi