Volume 2, Issue 1June 2023

Concept of Sustainability and Impact in Applying the Principles of Green Architecture for Saving Energy in Buildings

Fatemeh Saravi

The Impact of Environmental Factors on the Formation of Traditional Iranian Cities

Ahmad reza Sahami dehaghani

Study of the Different Structures of Hybrid Systems in Renewable Energies – A Review

Kayvan Akbarirad, Mahya Sattari

XC Polymers in Drilling Mud

Ahmed Alghareeb

ORC System Optimization for Multi-Strand Waste Heat Sources in Petroleum Refining Industry

Ferdos Peyrovani, Seyedeh Fatemeh Zahra Hashemi Terojeni

Software Modeling of the Effect of Different Topographies of the Zagros Mountain Range in Iran on the Wind Regime to Achieve a Suitable Area for the Construction of Wind Power Plant

Saeid Zamanian, Amirsina joorabli, Davoud Atashbozorg